Random Cam Story:

I've emailed, wondering what I had special ... what was in me different from everyone else, by all those pigs and maniacs that clog the social, they want and expect to see you undress while touching each other without restraint from across the web cam.
Even I replied but you had already figured out that I was not so, that there was something different, but couldn't understand how someone like me could do certain things.
When I answered you couldn't believe what I was saying, we seemed absurd.
But the more the thing was amazing plus the fact of not having to deal with a pig aroused some curiosity ... so you found the strength to ask: "will you show me?" I was and am here for that too, was hardly a problem, skype contacts Exchange ... a mere formality.
No time to break the ice, after moving to new chat and here we are ... face to face ... I wasn't a fraud.
Almost you're surprised I'm not naked, even though you knew you were dealing with a different person, you were expecting at least a more vulgar attitude ... an attitude that you were made to go in before we even notice it genius, just for your curiosity.
I'm asking if you're sure, if the situation does not make you uncomfortable. Your words are quiet even if slightly incongruous.
The t-shirt slides smoothly from the shoulders, while I ask you a couple of minutes to open my mind, empty it completely.
"You're the cause of what you want to see?" I ask. Your answer is a shy, insecure ... you don't want to get naked, don't you want to show me anything except your face. You feel almost guilty, but are you aware that you're not going to slide away any piece of cloth that covers you.
Still wonder, when I tell you, just your face, when I ask you simply to look at me.
What I offer is not cheap, although my eye would enjoy more at the sight of your curves, the expressiveness of your face could make you responsible for what was going to happen.
In your eyes a mix of surprise and excitement, slowly when the last veil that covers me falls leaving me totally turned out in front of you.
I look at you, start to open up my mind. You're not aware, your eyes do not resist long before your eyes.
But look back on time on your screen until the impulse of the watch becomes stronger than that, out of shame, move your eyes from my naked body. The arch tends to its maximum, before me, the screen yourself. Nothing is required from you towards me, just your intense stare that I contemplate while I let you enter my head, until your thoughts become sensations.
Bite your lip, and let go when you're watching my excitement. For my every spasm, which seems to come from nowhere looking for an explanation, I ask for an explanation.
I ask, but don't you know that the explanation is you.
Don't you think it's true, you're not showing anything except your face, not a single finger is touching, can this be true? Can it really be possible? Will you let me know that excitement also grows inside you, you show me nothing, but your eyes shall satisfy themselves that I see your back arch downwards.
What your camera does not show me, is printed on your face.
And so, that a feeling of warmth envelops me as if at that time I was inside you, and as if your face asked me to explode.
Don't you deny seeing what you asked me to show you: a spasm after the other without any contact, one hit after another shot without anyone apparently premises the trigger.

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